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The Bibbulmun Fund is a community-based fund established by two commercial entities; Kulbardi Pty Ltd and Kooya, two Aboriginal-owned businesses designed to ‘give back’ to the Aboriginal community right across Australia.

Although founded in WA, the Bibbulmun Fund has extended its reach to the broader Aboriginal community across Australia.

The Bibbulmun Fund is held in trust by the Fremantle Foundation (ABN: 23 992 104 836), a community foundation that supports and administers family, individual and corporate giving.



Doornjil Yoor-dininy - 'Coming together to create and sustain partnerships for mutual growth'

While establishing Kulbardi, Australia's largest Aboriginal-owned stationery supplier, Kim Collard had the vision to go beyond corporate outcomes and into the realms of social and economic Aboriginal community development. Kulbardi's Community Investment Model showcases corporate best practices, where a percentage of all sales from Kulbardi flows into a fund aimed at investing in Indigenous communities.

The name ‘Bibbulmun’ represents 1 of the 14 clans of the Noongar Nation of the southwest of Western Australia and the Bibbulmun peoples’ dialect belongs to the oldest linguistic clan.

Bibbul means ‘paperbark’ in the Noongar language. It is reflective of the life-giving connection between our ancient land and its many uses; in this instance, paperbark represents the closest thing to stationery in a contemporary context. While the Fund’s name, Bibbulmun, originates in WA, the founders recognise the rich tapestry of connection across our nation.



Our Vision

To generate new possibilities in the way Aboriginal enterprise and entrepreneurial leaders do business.

Our Mission

By supporting Aboriginal-owned projects that promote meaningful outcomes and collaboration in all stages of enterprise development.

Our Values

Aboriginal ownership - Projects are designed, owned and delivered by Aboriginal Australia, for Aboriginal Australia.

Meaningful outcomes - Innovative projects that have long-term sustainability, impact and regional relevance.

Collaboration - Inclusive and co-operative projects that leverage support from collaboration partners.

The Bibbulmun Fund aims to open new possibilities for Aboriginal enterprise and foster entrepreneurial leadership by supporting Aboriginal-owned and delivered projects which focus on real outcomes and collaborative approaches toward economic development.

It is led by an advisory board that approve support for regionally relevant initiatives that facilitate positive impact throughout Aboriginal Australia.

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