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Building Strong Businesses, VIC 2019

The Bibbumun Fund has supported Kinaway in a multi-faceted program that builds health and well-being support into Aboriginal business. Wellbeing initiatives include:

  • A funded support program for access to gym membership, yoga and meditation, diet and nutrition, massage, discounted Wayapa Wuurrk sessions

  • Aboriginal Women’s yarning circle with activities and speakers

  • Future programs to be implemented include a Men’s Yarning Circle and the facilitation of a mental health course.

“Wellbeing in business is central to success for all entrepreneurs, but the cultural load on Aboriginal people adds a significant weight also. The aim is to support Aboriginal people to build these practices into their everyday so that they can keep giving the best of themselves to their businesses, their communities and their culture.” Paul Krupse, CEO, Kinaway.


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