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Indigenous Business Mentoring Program VIC, 2019

Having a mentor when in business is a proven contributing factor to business success. This program is facilitated by Kinaway (Victorian Indigenous Chamber of Commerce) and utilises established Aboriginal business owners and executives from corporate Australia to provide a peer support mentoring model.

“So far, we have matched eight individual business owners to mentors from established Aboriginal business owners and with corporate partners, including legal and business management firms. Both start-ups, and existing business owners are benefiting from this program.

We are also partnering with RMIT university on a mentoring/coaching program that will see up to 10 additional businesses coached by industry business experts with supportive links to existing programs.

Kinaway are especially grateful to the Bibbulmun Fund because the financial support has enabled us to establish a sustainable mentoring offering at Kinaway by leveraging an external technology platform that links tutors and mentors and linking with our existing database”. Paul Krupse, CEO, Kinaway.

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