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The Pinnacle Foundation Bibbulmun Fund Scholarship 2022 Recipient - Brayden Cockroft

The Bibbulmun Fund proudly announces the second recipient of the Pinnacle Foundation and Bibbulmun Fund Scholarship 2022.

Brayden is currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport Science) at Edith Cowan University and will be commencing his first year in 2022 at the Joondalup Campus. He has a great passion for sports, especially basketball and AFL. He loves sports because of the team spirit and camaraderie that comes along with participating.

Brayden is the first in his family to attend university, with career goals of becoming a high school physical education teacher or a physiotherapist working with professional or teenage sporting teams.

Watch below to hear from our second Pinnacle Foundation and Bibbulmun Fund Scholarship recipient Braydon Cockroft about what it means to be a Pinnacle Scholar/

A message from Brayden:

Hello, my name is Brayden, and I am currently studying a Bachelor of Science (Exercise and Sport Science) at Edith Cowan University. I am commencing my first year in 2022 at the Joondalup Campus. I have a great passion for sport, especially basketball and Australian Football League. I love sport because of the team spirit and comradery that comes along with participating in sport.

I am the first in my family to attend university and as a result of that my parents have always made a big emphasis on the importance of education due to the fact that they both work in very low-income careers. As the first person to attend a tertiary institution, I have not had anyone to reach out to for advice on effective study methods, managing university life, and navigating the world of tertiary education – all of which I have had to find and learn myself. By being of Aboriginal descent, as a white male, I have experienced some struggles with not fitting in to indigenous communities and have experienced discrimination within school and out of school from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities as I don't 'fit in' to either group.

My current career goals involve either becoming a high school physical education teacher or even becoming a physiotherapist, especially one who works with professional sporting teams or teenage sporting leagues. With being a teacher, I hope to educate the next generation and make increasing awareness especially for LGBTIQ people’s health, teaching them what was not taught to me because of a school curriculum which has limited LGBTIQ resources. I would also like to help make a change in terms of teenage fitness. Because of the current path we are on with this generation, which is growing increasingly lazy, I would like to help motivate and increase teenage interest in sport and hopefully I can inspire young people to have a love for sport like I have. With being a physiotherapist, I hope to help prevent and manage injuries for people to help them get back into action quickly and maintain a high level of fitness and be a support network for those who are struggling with injuries which they have gotten through sport. As an LGBTIQ physiotherapist, I hope to provide services to support LGBTIQ individuals and give them a safe environment for sporting recovery.

Thank you to The Bibbulmun Fund for this scholarship. I am very appreciative of your support and for the opportunities that will come as a result from receiving this scholarship during my university years and beyond. With this scholarship and my place in the Pinnacle Family, I hope to represent my community, the Bibbulmun Fund and Pinnacle Foundation in a positive way to make everyone involved proud of me now and into the future.


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