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Current Projects 2021-2022

Pinnacle Foundation Scholarship:

The Pinnacle Foundation Scholarship -

3-year partnership with Australia’s premier philanthropic body for LGBTIQ+ youth to enable their amazing work in helping young LGBTIQ+ Australians to undertake tertiary studies and realise their potential.

The Bibbulmun Fund scholarship has been specifically created for students from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background.

Dylan Barnes 1st Scholar To read more 

Bratden Cockroft 2nd Scholar To read more 

Adelaide Crows Indigenous stem program

Adelaide Crows Foundation for STEMfooty to be delivered to Regional and Remote Communities. STEMfooty is a collaborative 10 week ‘in school’ program for Year 6- 8 students linked to over 50% of the maths and science Australian Curriculum (ACARA).

STEMfooty will travel to the state’s north-west and APY Land schools thanks to a new partnership with the Bibbulmun Fund.

Working with the Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara Education Committee (PYEC) and the Yadu Health Aboriginal Corporation, this new partnership will see the program reach over 150 students in these remote areas

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Purple House - Coober Pedy 2 x Dialysis machines 

Bringing dialysis machines to Coober Pedy. Dialysis patients from Cooper Pedy and surrounds are currently forced to leave their homes and move more than 800kms south to Port Augusta or Adelaide to access treatment, taking them away from country, family and community.

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Athletics West 

Aboriginal Community Engagement Program (ACE Program). The ACE Program is designed to improve the underrepresentation in both talent and recreational athletics, as well as drive social engagement and community cohesion in regional WA 

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National Indigenous Business Summer School (NIBSS) – Katitjiy Boya Birri

The Pathway for Understanding Business: NIBSS was designed to give students the opportunity to experience a week-long residential program and immersion experience of business and what it is like to study at university.

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Financial Literacy Publication

The Bibbulmun Fund will continue its support for the development in WA of early childhood picture books (‘Billy buys a bike’). These books are aimed at teaching financial literacy with related teaching resources and a second edition is due to be published in 2022

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